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The U.S. Legislative Branch is [Congress]. Congress makes [laws].  The two 'houses' of Congress are the [Senate] and the [House of Representatives].  The House has [435] members while the Senate has [100]. Members of the House serve for [two] years while members of the Senate serve for [six] years. To serve in the House, you must be at least [25] years old. To serve in the Senate, you must be at least [30] years old. The powers of Congress can be found in [Article I] of the Constitution. Powers that are listed right in the Constitution are known as [enumerated], or delegated, or expressed powers. Another name for the 'necessary and proper clause' is the '[elastic clause]'. A power that is not listed or found in the Constitution is called an [implied power]. When Congress removes someone from office, it is known as [impeachment]. The Senate has to approve of [treaties] with other countries that are made by the President. In addition to confirming treaties, the Senate confirms [Presidential Appointments]..

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