____, we will do a research.____, we are going to create a project. ____, we will publish the results. In a piece of research done on smiles across cultures, the researchers found that smiling individuals were considered more intelligent than non-smiling people in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, China and Malaysia. ____, in countries like Russia, Japan, South Korea and Iran, pictures of smiling faces were rated as less intelligent than the non-smiling ones. ____, in countries like India, Argentina and the Maldives, smiling was associated with dishonesty. In an attempt to inject some positivity into their feedback, many managers rely on sandwiching negative feedback between two positive comments. ____, when feedback becomes such a routine, employees can start to perceive positive feedback as simply a form of sugarcoating the negatives, ____ diminishing its value. ____, positive feedback should not simply be seen as something to cushion the negative, ____ should be delivered so as to reinforce and encourage good performance.




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