1) You can only have one column in a word document? a) True b) False 2) ___________ can be used to add colour, outlines and shadows to regular text? a) Wordart b) Colorword c) Artcolor d) Artword 3) A ___________ is a grid of rows and columns that intersect to form cells? a) Board b) Table c) Cover 4) A _____________ is a feature that enables you to surround a picture or diagram with text? a) Text Roll b) Text Grunge c) Text Classical d) Text Wrap 5) A Watermark can be added to a Word Document? a) True b) False 6) Vertical page orientation is called? a) Portrait b) Landscape 7) Horizontal page orientation is called? a) Portrait b) Landscape 8) Which of the following characters is not available on a keyboard? a) ( b) © c) > d) & 9) After inserting a picture into a Word document can you NOT modify the size of the image? a) True b) False 10) After inserting a picture in a Word document you can add an effect to an image? a) True b) False 11) When you ______ an image or photo, you remove part of the image? a) Chop b) Cut c) Crop 12)  A ____________  is the space between the text and the edge of your document? a) Page Space b) Page Gap c) Page Blank d) Page Margin 13) A _________________ is a paragraph that has all lines but the first indented? a) Hanging Indent b) First Line Indent c) Swinging Indent d) Remainder Indent 14) A ______________ is used for keeping the first line of the paragraph indented from the normal border? a) First Line Indent b) Start Line Indent c) Paragraph Line Indent 15) ____________ determines the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph? a) Margins b) Line Spacing c) Tables d) Wordart




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