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1) Which organic compound provides living things with a long term source of energy? a) carbohydrates b) lipids c) nucleic acids d) protein e) enzyme f) denature 2) A phosphate, sugar and nitrogen base make up one ___. a) nucleotide b) enzyme c) protein d) carbohydrate e) lipid f) substrate 3) This biomolecule provides a quick source of energy: a) enzyme b) protein c) nucleic acid d) lipids e) carbohydrates f) water 4) This biomolecule makes up DNA, heredity, genetic information: a) lipids b) carbohydrates c) protein d) nucleic acids e) enzymes f) oxygen 5) Which is an example of a function of protein in the body? a) Long term energy storage b) Help you breathe c) Provide hydration d) Store genetic information e) Provide a quick burst of energy f) Structure and support of a living thing - like hair, skin, bones, nails 6) Enzymes are types of which organic compound? a) nucleic acids b) protein c) lipids d) carbohyrates e) oxygen f) vitamins 7) Enzymes speed up reactions. What term do we use for something that speeds up a reaction? a) reactant b) protein c) carbohydrate d) water e) catalyst f) substrate 8) If an enzyme is over-heated it can become denatured. What does this mean? a) The enzyme has lost it's shape and no longer works. b) The enzyme has expanded and burst and no longer works. c) The enzyme works even faster now. d) The enzyme has changed chemical composition. e) The order of amino acids in the enzyme has changed. f) The enzyme has duplicated. 9) Which factors will affect the function of an enzyme? a) temperature and light b) pH and carbon dioxide level c) temperature and pH d) color and temperature e) oxygen level and water content f) light intensity and color 10) The diagram shows an enzyme-substrate complex. Which is true about this diagram? a) 1 is the enzyme and 3 is the substrate b) 2 is the enzyme and 4 is the substrate c) 2 is the substrate and 4 is the enzyme d) 1 and 3 are both enzymes. e) 1 is the substrate and 3 is the enzyme f) This diagram doesn't show an enzyme-substrate complex.

Unit 5 Practice


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