Ser: I am tall and blond., My mom is short and brunette., I am nice and patient., My dad is strong and generous., My birthday is December 25th., He is Guatemalan because he is from Guatemala., Greg is my cousin., You are a student at GBH., Juana is your uncle's sister., Where is Paula from?, Estar: I am really worried about the quiz., Where are your dogs?, My books are on the shelf., My sister is happy because she won a prize., Where is your homework?, How is your mom doing?, How are you feeling today?, The school is in the Great Bridge part of Chesapeake., The students are tired after so much work., Madrid is in Spain., Ir: How are you going to the beach?, You guys are going to dance a lot tonight., Where is Elena going?, My friends and I are going in taxi., We are going to learn a lot of Spanish this semester., How to you go to school? Walk? Bike? Bus?, Juan is going to Puerto Rico this summer for vacation., I like going to far away places., Can you go to Food Lion for me?, It is going to be a great semester!,

Ser v Estar v Ir - English version




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