1) My father ________ at a bank. a) work b) works c) working 2) I ________ with my parents. a) live b) lives c) lived 3) Albert ________ to be a scientist. a) want b) wants c) wanting 4) Sophia and her sister ________ to play card games. a) like b) likes c) liked 5) My brother ________ English very well. a) speak b) speaks c) speaking 6) Michael ________ not run fast. a) do b) does c) did 7) Plants ________ water and sunlight to make their food. a) need b) needs c) needed 8) They ________ us often. a) visit b) visits c) visited 9) Kuala Lumpur ________ in Malaysia. a) is b) was c) are 10) I ________ not eat cheese. a) do b) does c) did 11) You always ________ me new things. a) teach b) teaches c) teached 12) Water ________ at 100 degree. a) boil b) boils c) boiled 13) We ________ in the city most of the time. a) live b) lives c) lived 14) My mother's birthaday ________ in October. a) is b) was c) are 15) I usually ________ my neighbours. a) help b) helps c) helping 16) The building ________ on fire. a) is b) am c) are 17) I ________ ready. a) is b) am c) are 18) Alex ________ regularly. a) exercise b) exercises c) exercising 19) The baby ________ every night. a) cry b) cries c)  crying 20) My grandmother ________ cookies twice a month. a) bake b) bakes c) baked




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