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If, if, if, then - If I had listened to dad, if I had not misbehaved, if I only did what was right, I wouldn't be here, lost., 2A - Mikey was delirious, depressed at the prospect of staying on the island forever., The more, the more - The more I cried, the more I wanted to die., Short sentences - Mikey cried. Mikey fell. He stopped., Repetition - He ran. He stumbled. He fell., 3-bad - Scorned, hated, despised-how much more could he take?, Outside-Inside - On the outside, Mikey was calm, cool and collected, on the inside he felt, nervous, sick anxious as he stared into the stranger's menacing eyes., Simile - Later, he was like a ship passing in the night., Metaphor - His eyes were stone, no emotion whatsoever., Preposition - Under the bushes, a rustling of leaves could be heard., Adverbs - The stranger's footsteps were calmly clicking on the sidewalk.,


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