1) My colleague has been promoted to the __________ of purchasing manager. a) career b) profession c) post 2) Ben decided to pursue a _______ in banking instead of becoming a doctor. a) career b) job c) profession 3) We get a _________ for every five new customers that sign up. a) bonus b) benefit c) salary 4) I'm in a difficult position in the company because my _______ is a member of my wife's family and people think that's why got the job. a) employer b) employee c) staff 5) We receive a lot of _____ in this company- we are offered several courses each year. a) skills b) qualifications c) training 6) Jack works such long_____ that he hardly ever sees his children. a) timetable b) hours c) day 7) I'm really jealous of my sister because she gets so many ______ in her job like a company car and a clothes allowance. a) wages b) bonus c) perks 8) My boyfriend's job is quite ___________, so he's taking a course in stress management. a) rewarding b) demanding c) tedious 9) The work on a factory production line is often very _________- you do the same thing all day. a) challenging b) motivating c) monotonous




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