vaccine - a medicine injected to aperson to protect them from illnesses and diseases., shelter - a place to live, education - students go to school and learn, safety - to be away from danger, rights - something a person has and which should not be taken away. , basic needs - the things a person must have to survive (food, water, clothing, shelter), choice - he act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities, afford - to have enough money to do or buy something, clothing - things to wear, health care - the treatment and prevention of illnesses and diseases by nurses and doctors, courage - not to be afraid easily, dunes - a ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind, scorching hot - very, very hot, unmarried - not married, single, tank - a big container in which you store liquids, hut - a very small, round house made of dirt, mud or stone, grant - money from the government that students can use to pay for education, sunbeam - ray of sunlight, shade - a place out of the sun, powder - very tiny particles made by grinding or crushing a solid substance., fiction - Imaginative writing. Make believe., non-fiction - written works that give facts such as biographies, scientific articles, history books, child labor - the employment of children, to make children work,

Grade 5 - Compass Reading Log / Topic 1




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