1) Could you please speak more ...? I can't understand what you're talking about. a) slow b) slowly 2) ... now, you two, daddy's waiting in the car! a) Quick b) Quickly 3) Be ... where you put that hot pan. a) careful b) carefully 4) Fortunately, none of the passengers was ... injured in the crash. a) bad b) badly 5) They had a long and ... marriage. a) happy b) happily 6) It's so ... to see you after all this time! a) good b) well 7) She had some music playing ... in the background. a) quiet b) quietly 8) Write the letter on the computer, then you can make changes ... on screen. a) easy b) easily 9) I speak English very ... . a) good b) well 10) Drive ... on those icy roads. a) careful b) carefully 11) I heard a ... bang and then saw black smoke. a) loud b) loudly 12) Her handwriting is very ... to read. a) hard b) hardly





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