1) They ... tennis every week. a) play b) plays c) playing 2) The cheetah ... fast. a) run b) runs c) running 3) I ... snowboarding every winter. a) go b) going c) goes 4) He ... well. a) swim b) swims c) swimming 5) The boy ... when he sees a sad film. a) cry b) cries c) crying 6) They ... English. a) learn b) learns c) learning 7) She ... TV every evening. a) watch b) watchs c) watches 8) She ... her room on Friday after school. a) tidy b) tidys c) tidies 9) We ... at school because we are teachers. a) work b) works c) workes 10) I ... ice cream. a) like b) likes c) likees 11) She ... coke for lunch at the weekend. a) drink b) drinkes c) drinks 12) He ... at the dance school three times a week. a) dance b) dancs c) dances 13) We ... at restaurants. a) don't eat b) don't eats c) don't eaties 14) It ... in autumn. a) rain b) rains c) raines 15) Jack ... meat because he is a vegetarian. a) don't eat b) doesn't eat c) don't eats





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