1) Where do apples grow? a) Playground b) Orchard c) Fall 2) Where do pumpkins grow? a) orchard b) pumpkin patch c) tree 3) What do we eat for dessert on Thanksgiving? a) pie b) ice cream c) chocolate 4) What do we drink when it is cold outside?  a) Water b) Milk c) Hot chocolate 5) What do we use to clean up leaves? a) Broom b) Rake c) Tree 6) What grows on trees and we pick them in the fall to eat? a) Apples b) Leaves c) Tree 7) What do we call a pumpkin after we carve a face into it?  a) Pumpkin b) Jack O Lantern c) Orange 8) What do we wear on Halloween? a) Trick or Treat b) Batman c) Costume 9) What changes color and falls off trees? a) Leaves b) Tree c) Red 10) Who grows crops so that we have food to eat? a) Farmer b) Scarecrow c) Food 11) What do we get on Halloween when we say "Trick or Treat?" a) Costume b) Thank you c) Candy 12) When do we use an umbrella? a) Keep us dry b) When it's raining c) When it's cold 13) Where do rainboots go? a) On our head b) When it's raining c) On our feet 14) Where does a scarf go? a) On our neck b) Keep us warm c) On our head 15) Who rides on a broom on Halloween? a) To clean b) A witch c) A ghost




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