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\int^{}_{} sin(x)dx - cos(x), \vec{u} \cdot \vec{v} - |u||v|cos(\theta ), cos(x \pm y ) - cos(x )cos(y ) \mp sin( x )sin(y ), \frac{dcos( nx )}{dx} - nsin(nx), \frac{e^{inx} + e^{-inx}}{2} - cos(nx), sin ( x \pm y ) - sin(x)cos(y) \pm sin(x)cos(y ), cos^{2}(x) + sin^{2}(x) - 1, \frac{e^{inx}-e^{-inx}}{2i} - sin(nx), \frac{dsin ( nx )}{dx} - - ncos(nx), \int^{}_{} cos(x) dx - -sin(x),

Trigonometric Identities


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