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sneeze - it travels out of your nose at 140 km per hour, temperature - how hot or cold you are , be sick - another word for vomit (verb phrase) , feel sick - to not be very well (verb phrase) , cold - runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing and coughing, cough - you do this when you have a sore throat, sore throat - you cough a lot when you have this, headache - my head hurts, I've got a..., stomachache - my stomach hurts, I've got a..., hurts - verb that means to feel pain somewhere, toothache - my tooth hurts, I've got a ..., faint - to fall asleep suddenly, allergic - if you react to something in a bad way - rash, breathless etc, burn - an injury caused by heat, fire or acid, plaster - a sticky material put on cuts, breathless - you find it hard to breathe, you are..., swollen - an area of your body becomes bigger than normal and painful, rash - red spots, sometimes itchy, sting - bees and wasps do this , bleed - to lose blood - verb,

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