1) We ______________________(have/science exam) yesterday. 2) I ____________________________(study/French) when you rang. 3) This ___________________________(be/difficult) exam I’ve ever done. 4) We __________________________(have) an end of exams party last weekend. 5) My sister _________________________(have/vocabulary test) every week. 6) I ____________________________(do/three)practice papers since this morning. 7) Where _______________________(be/you) yesterday? 8) I enjoy ________________________(go/town) on Saturday afternoons. 9) How much money _________________(you/spend) on clothes since yesterday? 10) There ____________________(be/lot) people in town yesterday. 11) The Walkman _____________________(not/produce) in Japan since 2010. 12) Satellite navigation ________________(use) for the first time in 1959. 13) The new phone that they’re working on __________________(sell) next year. 14) Just as I _________________________(create) a model of a house, everything fell apart. 15) My sister would _____________________(love/be) a politician. 16) It’s very healthy ____________________(do) exercise. 17) I can’t stand ___________________(listen) heavy metal music . 18) He __________________________(not/go/swim) because he caught a cold.

Complete sentences - use the words in brackets in the appropriate form. Do not change the order.


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