Nature and floral images - What was a key influence for William Morris?, Transverse engine - What was Sir Alec Issigonis' main influence on automobile design?, Mary Quant - Who was credited with the design of the mini skirt?, Little Black Dress - What was Coco Chanel's most iconic design?, Electrical draughtsman - What was Harry Beck's original job?, London Underground map - What did Harry Beck redesign?, Reptile skin and aliens - What inspired Alexander Mcqueen's 2010 collection?, Bauhaus - Marcel Breuer studied design and architecture at the __________??, Concrete - What material did Breuer favour in his architecture?, Vivienne Westwood - Who influenced Alexander McQueen's rebellious style?, Punk - What style is Vivienne Westwood most associated with?, Morris Minor - Which was the first car to sell over 1 million units?, Arts and Crafts - Which design movement did William Morris belong to?, Marcel Breuer - Who's designs were heavily influenced by weapons manufacture during WW2?, William Morris - _________ _________ mainly designed repeating patterns for textiles and wallpaper., Norman Foster - Which innovative architect designed the 'gherkin'?, Japan - From where did Charles Rennie Mackintosh take a lot of inspiration for his designs?, Glasgow - Where was Rennie Mackintosh's influential art school based?, Aldo Rossi - Which Italian designer's product designs were abstract and architectural?, De Stijl - Which design movement was Gerrit Rietveld a part of?, Gerrit Rietveld - Who's colour palette was black, white, red, blue and yellow?, Sottsass - Who worked for Olivetti, revolutionising typewriter design?, Philippe Starck - Who's style could be described as flamboyant?, Art Deco - Raymond Templier's jewellery deigns are an example of ___ ____ design style, natural forms - Louis Comfort Tiffany's stained glass designs echoed his love of ________ _____,




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