1) Coffee ..... in Colombia. a) grown b) is grown c) is grew d) was grown 2) The book "Rayuela" ..... by Julio Cortazar. a) is written b) wrote c) was wrote d) was written 3) A lot of meat ..... in Argentina. a) is eaten b) eats c) are eaten d) was ate 4) Mercedes Benz cars ......  in Germany. a) is made b) are make c) were made d) are made 5) Microsoft ..... by Bill Gates. a) is created b) were created c) are created d) was created 6) The best computers ..... by Apple. a) made b) are made c) makes d) is made 7) A wax figure of Lady Gaga ..... at Madame Tussauds last year. a) was displayed b) are displayed c) is displayed d) displays 8) This great exercise ..... by my teacher! a) prepared b) is prepare c) was prepare d) was prepared 9) All the topics ...... in the meeting last Friday. a) are discuss b) were discuss c) are discussed d) were discussed 10) The famous Toy Story films ..... by Pixar.  a) were produced b) produced c) were produce d) is produced 11) My sister ..... a new mobile phone for her last birthday. a) given b) were given c) was given d) is given

PASSIVE VOICE (Present and Past simple)




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