1) This car is ____________________________ than my last one.  a) expensiver b) expensivest c) more expensive d) more expensiver e) most expensive 2) Jose is ______________________ runner in the class. a) slower b) more slower c) slowest d) the slowest e) most slowest 3) Riding on motorcycles is __________________________________ than cars. a) more dangerous b) dangerouser c) most dangerous d) the most dangerous e) dangerousest 4) __________________ bridge in the world is in China. a) Longer b) The longest c) The most long d) More longer e) The most longest 5) Australia is _______________ than England. a) biggest b) more big c) bigger d) the biggest e) more bigger 6) Many people think that Chinese is _______________________________ language in the world. a) difficulter b) more difficult c) difficultest d) the most difficult e) the most difficultest 7) Valencia played ______________________ than Real Madrid yesterday.  a) badder b) worse c) worst d) the worst e) more bad 8) Who is ____________________ soccer player in the world? a) the best b) better c) more good d) the bestest e) the goodest 9) Shibuya is ________________________ crossing in the world.  a) busier b) more busy c) the busiest d) busiest e) most busy 10) ________________  desert in the world is the Sahara in Africa a) Hotter b) More Hot c) The hotter d) The hottest e) The most hottest 11) Which cellphone is _____________, Iphone or Samsung? a) more good b) better c) gooder d) best e) more better 12) Everest is ______________________ mountain in the world. a) the highest b) higher c) more high d) the most high e) highest 13) It's difficult to determine which city has ______________ traffic, New York or Los Angeles. a) badder b) more bad c) worse d) worser e) the worst 14) Pali supermarket is _______________ than Automercado. a) more cheap b) cheaper c) cheapest d) more cheaper e) most cheapest 15) Costa Rica is _________________________ country in the world. a) happier b) happiest c) more happy d) the happiest e) most happy

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