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1) to draw away the attention of a) distract b) reveal c) sobbed d) theory 2) to cry with great emotion while making short gasps for breath a) commotion b) conspiracy c) sobbed d) distract 3) to show or uncover a) theory b) conspiracy c) innocent d) reveal 4) free from guilt or blame a) innocent b) tuffet c) snarled d) conspiracy 5) a noisy confusion; disorder a) distract b) sobbed c) commotion d) disguised 6) a view or opinion that has not been proven a) theory b) conspiracy c) commotion d) innocent 7) a low seat; such as a stool a) tuffet b) conspiracy c) theory d) reveal 8) to growl and show teeth in a threatening way a) theory b) commotion c) snarled d) tuffet 9) a secret agreement to do something illegal; plot a) sobbed b) conspiracy c) disguised d) distract 10) to change or hide a) disguised b) distract c) reveal d) tuffet

What REALLY Happened to Humpty?


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