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1) I am drinking a _______ of tea. a) cap b) cup c) kup d) kap 2) They go on the ________ to work. a) boss b) buss c) bus d) bos 3) We _______ to college. a) walk b) wall c) walt d) work 4) Sarah goes ______ the library at lunch time. a) two b) too c) to d) tow 5) He reads _______ books. a) meny b) menny c) manny d) many 6) The library has a coffee _________. a) shop b) ship c) shopp d) shoppe 7) Marta goes there to _______ his friends. a) meat b) met c) meit d) meet 8) She bought a _________ of trouser from the shop. a) pare b) pear c) pair d) perr 9) I have a ___________ of chocolates. a) box b) boxes 10) Anna think the weather looks __________. a) sonny b) sunny c) sunney d) sonney

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