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homozygous - when the alleles for a trait are the SAME size letters. Ex) HH, AA, bb, cc, heterozygous - when the alleles for a trait are DIFFERENT sized letters. Ex) Hh, Aa, Bb, Cc, genotype - the actual genes present; we use letters to show this. Ex) Bb, BB, bb, phenotype - the actual physical traits present. Ex) brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, dominant - this trait is always expressed; "wins" over the others, recessive - this trait is only expressed when both alleles are present, offspring - new organisms produced from a living thing, gametes - reproductive cells; sperm and egg cells, karyotype - a map of your chromosomes, punnett square - the boxes used to predict the offspring's genotypes, Mendel - Father of Genetics,

Unit 10 Genetics Vocabulary


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