Where shall we stay? - Let´s stop at the first hotel we find., Can you recommend a good guest house in this area? - Yes, there´s a nice B & B around the corner., Last year I went to Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and China. - Wow! I didn´t realise you were such a globetrotter!, How are we going to get home? We haven´t got enough money for a taxi. - Why don´t we thumb a lift?, Last year, we went to one of those resorts where everything - food and drink - is free. - It sounds great. I´ve never been on an all-inclusive holiday., You don´t have much luggage with you. - I know. I prefer to travel light., On my first visit to Indonesia, I found everything so different from England. - I experiences similar culture shock when I went to Vietnam., We left London at 7 o´clock in the morning and didn´t arrive in Inverness until 8 in the evening! - Poor you! You spent the whole day on the road., I love going to busy, lively resorts for my holiday. - Really? I prefer to go somewhere a bit quieter, off the beaten track., I spend most of my life travelling, moving from one hotel to the other. - I would hate to live out of a suitcase like that.,

FCE Travel Vocabulary (Match the Conversation)




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