Where it came from : Made in China: Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease 19, Covid is not real; Bill Gates behind coronavirus, PLANDEMIC: Covid was a lab experiment, How it spreads : If a fart makes it through two layers of cloth, including denim jeans, how confident are you feeling in that facemask??, Indian immunity: Study claims dark skinned people won't get infected by COVID-19, COVID-19 only affects the elderly, Symptoms and treatment : Antibiotics are effective in preventing and treating the new coronavirus, Try this at home: Disinfect face masks with gasoline or diesel, Stay under the sun, heat can kill off the virus, How we’re responding: Food poisoning sa hospital na binista ni VP Leni - nurse whistleblower, Bangkay ng COVID nakatambak sa labas ng Jesus Reyes Hospital, Duterte to declare Martial Law tomorrow to enforce stricter quarantine,

#IWASFAKE Quiz: 4 Types of COVID-19 "Fake News"




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