FACT-CHECKING - The process of checking that all the facts in a piece of writing, a news article, a speech, etc. are correct, OBJECTIVITY - The common misconception that journalists are supposed to be free of bias which is impossible given that journalism is a profession that involves making a lot of decisions: The Myth of _________, TROLL - Someone who makes intentionally inflammatory, rude, or upsetting statements online to elicit strong emotional responses:, INAUTHENTIC - The use of multiple accounts or pages that hide the real identities of the people running them to mislead and/or influence people: Coordinated __________ Behavior, GENERATED - Any digital content that is produced and shared by end users of an online service or website: User-________ Content, STANDARDS - A guide for what is and isn't allowed on Facebook: Community _______, REVERSE - An image verification technique that allows you to check one or more image databases (with billions of images): ________ Image Search, EMPATHY - Being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing feelings and thoughts of others, LATERAL - Leaving a site to see what other digital sources say about it: _______ Reading, VERIFICATION - The act and process of proving if something is accurate or correct:,

#IWASFAKE Quiz: Verification and Reporting Vocabs




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