celebrate - do something special for an important event, courage - bravery in difficult situation, disappointment - feeling of sadness because something is not as good as expected, precious - very valuable to a person, pride - a feeling of satisfaction in something you have done, remind - make a person remember something, symbols - a thing that represents idea of objects, traditions - things that have been done for a long time, design - make a drawing or plan for something, encouraged - given hope to do something, examine - look very carefully at something, investigation - people search carefully for something, quality - made of the finest materials, effort - work needed to finish a task, improved - became better at something, inspired - encourage to do something good, satisfied - pleased with the way something happened, clues - hints that help solve a problem or a mystery, grand - great or large, massive - very, very large, monument - a building, statue, or other object made to honor a person or event, practicing - doing something again and again to get better, pronounce - say the sounds correctly, tumbled - fell,




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