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a posteriori - reference to evidence in the world; observation, a priori - independent of experience, Aquinas - a posteriori thinker, Anselm - a priori thinker, greatest island - Gaunilo criticism, Triangle requires 3 sides/angles - Descarte's image, Perfections not greatness - Descarte's ontological improvement, a watch lying upon the ground - Paley's image, Theistic evolution - Counter argument to the blind watchmaker, Blind watchmaker - Dawkins argument, Cruel nature - J S Mill's argument, Many gods - Hume's criticism, anayltic vs - synthetic, Adam and Eve - Augustine's reference to why evil exists, An answer to the Problem of evil - Theodicy, Super ego - Unconscious source of morality, Iceberg - Image for Freud's thinking, Summun bonum - Key to Kant's thinking, Jump the puddle - Ought means can,

Match up1 Philosophy

by Mcc27


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