1) It was such a sad movie that I a) cried my heart out b) got cold feet c) was in over my head 2) He's got long hair because the hairdresser costs a) an old hand b) an arm and a leg c) a head start 3) I'm sure someone will find your kitten, so a) see eye to eye b) stick your neck out c) keep your chin up 4) She loves cakes and ice-cream. She's got a real sweet a) mouth b) tongue c) tooth 5)  I'm just _______ your leg. I didn't really dye my hair blue. a) shaking b) breaking c) pulling 6) I like to drink wine and _______ on Saturday nights. a) make my blood boil b) go head over heels c) let my hair down 7) Let's get together in my _______ of the woods for once. a) neck b) hand c) foot 8) We're going away for the week. Can you keep _______ on our house? a) an eye b) a hair c) a foot 9) It makes my _______ when people try to cheat. a) teeth ache b) head start c) blood boil 10) She knows of all her friends' phone numbers by a) mind b) heart c) eye




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