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Brick on the top of a roof - Gravitational, A bus going at 60mph - Kinetic, A steel rope holding a car in the air - Elastic, Radioactive material - Nuclear, Your breakfast - Chemical, Petrol - Chemical, What you have in a battery - Chemical, What a battery makes - Electrical, Rubbing your hands hard on a rough surface makes - Heat, Used by a kettle - Electric, Made by a kettle - Heat, The unit of energy - Joule, Energy can not be created nor ... - Destroyed, What you want to get out of a lamp - Light, What teachers make too much of - Sound, A falling ball loses - Gravitational, A falling ball gains - Kinetic, A stretched catapult stores - Elastic, In a power station, the generator turns ... into electric energy - Kinetic, Brakes in a car turn kinetic energy into ... - Heat,


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