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the number of births per 1000 (2 words) - Birth Rate, The simple model of Urban Land Use (looks like a dart board) (2 words) - Burgess Model, short fro Central Business District - CBD, ********* margins crash into each other making fold mountains - Collision, another name for business - Commerce, *********** margins slide and stick due to friction - Conservative, *********** margins is when plates move away from each other. - Constructive, the centre of the earth - Core, the movement of (richer) people away from the city (2 words) - Counter Urbanisation, the top layer of the earth's surface - crust, the number of deaths per 1000 (2 words) - Death Rate, Cutting down trees - Deforestation, the model that explains the different stages of development of a country (3 words) - Demographic Transition Model, description of an area that has lots of people living there (2 words) - Densely Populated, ********* margins cause violent volcanoes and earthquakes, deep-ocean trenches and fold mountains. - Destructive, occurs when a river or seawater goes onto the land - Flooding, the area of land next to the CBD where Old Industry used to be (2 words) - Green Belt, The more complex Urban Land use model. Accounts for transport routes (2 words) - Hoyt Model, another name for factories - Industry, the number of deaths per 1000 of children under 3 (2 words) - Infant Mortality, the area of land next to the CBD where Old Industry used to be (2 words) - Inner City, How long a person is expected to live (2 words) - Life Expectancy, movement of people - Migration, the name of the heavy rainfalls in Asia - Monsoon, Something that is natural and dangerous (2 words) - Natural Hazard, the edge of a teutonic plate (2 words) - Plate Boundaries, the number of people in a country - Population, How many people per unit of area (2 words) - Population Density, The pattern of where people live around the world (2 words) - Population Distribution, measures how far a population is growing (or shrinking) - Population Growth Rate, reasons why people move towards and area (2 words) - Pull Factors, reasons why people leave places (2 words) - Push Factors, description of areas where people live (not shop or work) - Residential, the machine that measures eartquakes (2 words) - Richter Scale, another name for countryside area - Rural, the movement of people from countryside to city (3 words) - Rural Urban Migration, description of an area that has only a few of people living there (2 words) - Sparsely Populated, huge bits of land that float on magma (2 words) - Tectonic Plates, oalos known as a Tsunami (2 words) - Tidal Wave, another name for city area - Urban,

Y11 Geog Key Words Revision

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