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1) This book is a) small b) thin c) big d) tiny 2) How much is it? a) It's £1.50. b) It's 1£ 50 p. c) It's 1. 50£. 3) You can buy a roll in a a) swimming pool. b) bakery. c) toyshop. 4) You can buy fruit in a a) cinema. b) greengrocer's. c) bookshop. 5) I ____________ like bananas. a) don't b) doesn't c) am 6) Apples, ______________, pears and ____, a) oranges, bananas b) peaches, plums c) pears, tometoes 7) When is your birthday? a) It's on 28 February. b) It's on February 28. c) It's in 28 February. 8) We can play a) cards. b) board games. c) hide- and- seek.


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