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irlaececoatn - acceleration, eeisasnc airtr - air resistance, brae aecnlsodfc - balanced forces, i cneanigsrkabdt - braking distance, rdcaetoelnie - deceleration, denisyt - density, ctteoiasrlcte - electrostatic, tconiifr - friction, atvryig - gravity, cnuirblta - lubricant, imtanecg - magnetic, smas - mass, wenton - newton, nwnetoemtre - newtonmeter, ulpl - pull, upsh - push, fasteecrtur onl - resultant force, pdees - speed, speed - speed, eatneldmirs - streamlined, ectalrynivtelimo - terminal velocity, earboufadc cslnen - unbalanced forces, phutrust - upthrust, tiwghe - weight,
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