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Cntrlld lvl f ntrnts - Controlled level of nutrients, Ht - Heat, Bmss - Biomass, Tmprtr - Temperature, smss - Osmosis, Phlm - Phloem, Ntrgn fxng bctr - Nitrogen fixing bacteria, B-thnl - Bio-ethanol, Spngy msphyll - Spongy mesophyll, Trgr prssr - Turgor pressure, Xylm - Xylem, Frtlsr - Fertiliser, Ntrts - Nitrates, Hydrpncs - Hydroponics, Rsprtn - Respiration, Pstcd - Pesticide, nrgy - Energy, lrg srfc r t vlm rt - large surface area to volume ratio, Phtsynthss - Photosynthesis, Blgcl cntrl - Biological control, ctv trnsprt - Active transport, Trnsprtn - Transpiration, r mvmnt - Air movement, Plsd lyr - Palisade layer, Mgnsm - Magnesium,

B4 key words without vowels

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