Hello there. Here’s the ____ for Europe today. At the moment there’s some wet and ____ weather over the UK and Scandinavia, and this is going to move south and east over Poland and Germany. Temperatures in Berlin and Warsaw are now about 20°C, but it’s ____ in London, 19°C, and cooler still in Oslo, 17°C. To the south it’s a bit ____, in Budapest, 23°C but to the east, cool and ____ in Moscow, where the temperature is a welcome 15°C after all that extreme ____ heat. Moving south it’s getting warmer, 24°C in Rome, but it’s going to be cloudy and ____ across much of Italy, and also over northern Turkey, with heavy ____ in Istanbul and a temperature of 21°C. Most other Mediterranean countries are going to be warm and ____. Greece will be hot and sunny with a lot of late summer sunshine, 28°C in Athens and warmer still in Portugal and Spain with ____ up to 32°C. France is going to be ____ and cloudy in the north, 20°C in Paris, and hot and ____ in the south with a high of 29°C in Nice. And that’s your European weather for today.

European Weather forecast. (T11.9 Headway Elementary 4th Edition www.elt.oup.com/student/headway/elementary4/)




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