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I am available for interview on Skype,  I can  start  after my exams, I can start  at the start of the holidays,  last year I did a work placement in a café,  During my leisure time I like to do sport, My passion is reading, Last year I did a work placement in a primary school, I would like to improve my French, I would like to experience the real France, I would like to earn some money,  I would like to experience the world of work, I would like to save money for my studies,  I will study languages at university, I have been babysitting  my neighbours' children for 2 years, English is my mother tongue & I speak French fluently,  Last year I did a work placement in a supermarket,  I had to help the customers, I had to speak  to English-speaking tourists, Last year  I went on a school trip to France, 2 Years ago I went on holiday with my family to  France..

N5 French unpredictable bullet points job application




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