I've been waiting for my meal - for nearly half an hour and I’m very hungry!, I've been fixing the car. - That's why my hands are dirty., She's lived - in Hong Kong all her life., Who's eaten my sandwich? - I can't see it anywhere., I've fixed the car. - So we can go for a drive this afternoon., I've been going to Thailand - on business for the last two years., I've waited long enough. - I'm leaving., I've tried - to call him three times this morning., She's been swimming. - That's why her hair is wet., I've been learning - English since I was 8., You look tired. - What have you been doing?, He's been living - in Hong Kong for the past two years., I've been trying - to call him all morning., I've been to Thailand - a couple of times on holiday., Who's been eating my sandwich? - Look, it's half eaten!, I've learned - how to use a computer in my current job., She's just swum - 600 metres., Oh dear what have you done? - I think I’ve broken it., We've been playing - this game for ten minutes., I’m sure I've played - this game before.,

[IBE A2+/B1][Unit 7][Grammar][Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous][NS]




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