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Electric field strength is force per unit ...... - positive charge, E=V/d can be used to find field strength between charged ....... plates - parallel, The LHR is used to find the direction of the ... - force, The RHR is used to find the direction of the .... - current, B - magentic flux density, magnetic flux density that will produce a force of 1 N on 1 m of wire carrying a current of 1A perpendicular to field - 1 Tesla, A step-up transformer decreases ... - current, Time taken for charge on a capacitor to fall to 1/e of its original value - time constant, released with a positron in beta plus decay - neutrino, Group of particles containing electrons and neutrinos - leptons, Force responsible for beta decay - weak nuclear, uud - proton, Nuclei with same number of protons but different number of neutrons - isotopes, Energy required to separate an atom into component parts - binding energy, universe is isotropic and homogenous - cosmological principle, Apparent increase in wavelength as luminous objects move away - redshift,

physics g485 revision

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