canteen - a restaurant in a school., playground  - an area of land where children can play, especially at school, term - one semester at school., gym - a place at school where students have P.E. class., tennis court - an area where children play tennis., football pitch - an area where children play football., corridor - a passage outside classrooms where students can go for a break., primary school - a school for children aged 5 to 11., secondary school - a school for students aged between 11 and 18., classmate  - someone who is in your class at school or college, head/ head teacher  - the person in charge of a school, badge - a piece of plastic, metal, etc that you wear on your clothes showing your school you go to, uniform - a set of clothes students have to wear at school ( usually a shirt, tie , blazer, skirt, trousers), form tutor/ form teacher - a teacher who takes care of one class,




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