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Persuasive - Tries to convince the writer, Informative - Tells you about something, Descriptive - Tells readers what something is like, Instructive - Tells you how to do something, Websites - Address bar, links to other pages, Articles - Title, Subheadings, Columns, Adverts - Persuasive, Leaflets - Informative, Letters - Address,Date, Sign off , Emails - To, From Box, box for subject , Subheadings - Tells you what a section of text is about, Title - Grab readers attention, Bright Colour - Makes text more fun, Columns - Make the text easier to read, Bullet Points - Separate Information to make the writing clear, Bold/Italics - Makes the reader look at it first, Cartoony childish fonts - Light hearted text,

Recap Reading Different text


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