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adeo - I approach, arcesso - I summon, ars, artis (f) - art, crudelis - cruel, denique - finally, despero - I despair, doctus, a, um - learned, domus, domus (f) - home, infero, inferre, intuli - I bring in/on, libero - I set free, luna, lunae (f) - moon, mors, mortis (f) - death, oculus, oculi (m) - eye, persuadeo - I persuade, pessimus, a, um - worst, relinquo - I leave, sicut - like, tam - so, tempto - I try, vulnus, vulneris (n) - wound, viginti - twenty, triginta - thirty, quadraginta - forty, quinquaginta - fifty,

SAS Stage 20 Latin Vocabulary


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