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Monarchy - Rule by One; inherits power, Oligarchy - Rule by few, Tyranny - Rule by Force; Rule by One; Seizes Power; Not a lawful king, Direct Democracy - ALL citizens have an equal say in making political decisions; majority rules, Representative Democracy - Citizens elect representatives to vote for them; majority rules, aristocrat - wealthy male landowner, Advantages of a monarchy - Decisions are made quickly and without argument or debate, Disadvantages of monarchy - A lot of power in the hands of one ruler, Advantages of an oligarchy - more leaders mean there are more people's ideas represented , Disadvantages of an oligarchy - More leaders mean decisions take longer; don't always make laws that mee the eneds of the people; can be greedy and make laws that only benefit themselves, Advantages of a tyranny - with one leader, decisions can be made quickly; needs of the citizen supporters are more often considered, Disadvantages of a tyranny - A lot of power in the hands of one person can lead to corruption from a person who is not a lawful king, Advantages of a direct democracy - ALL citizens have a say in the political decisions made so more people are represented, Disadvantages of a direct democracy - Decisions take a LONG time; much debate and not ALL people may be considered citizens,

Forms of Government


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