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Limestone - A naturally occurring rock with the chemical name calcium carbonate, Limestone - A naturally occurring rock with the symbol equation CaCO3, Thermal Decomposition - The breaking down of a substance using heat, Concrete - A mixture of cement, gravel, sand and water used as a building material, Quarry - A deep pit in the ground from which limestone or other useful materials are extracted, Acid rain - Rain that contains dissolved acidic gases such as sulfur dioxide. It causes the chemical erosion of limestone, Aggregate - small stones or gravel used to strengthen concrete, Lime water - A solution used to detect carbon dioxide. It goes from clear to cloudy., Mortar - Cement sand and water used to stick bricks together., Reinforced concrete - Concrete with steel rods in. Used to strengthen., Raw materials - The substances used to make a new product , Kiln - Oven used to make cement, Cement - Crushed limestone, powdered clay heated in a kiln,

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