RAPPORT:Rapport is the ____ you develop with the patient. Patients (and doctors) are more likely to be ____ with the consultation if there is good rapport. The patient is more likely to ____ information if they feel ____, and more likely to ____ to any advice that is given. You can improve rapport by making sure you have ____ body posture. eg____ forward slightly, maintaining ____, ____, and making encouraging noises to show that you are ____ can be very helpful. Similarly, copying, or '____' the patient's words and / or ____ (subtly!) can also put them at ease Another really helpful way to improve rapport is to show ____. This is where you demonstrate an ____ of how a patient's problem is ____ on their life. A statement such as 'It must be really hard to keep going when you are in all of this pain' helps the patient know that you are ____ with the problem.





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