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Proper British Dining Etiquette: Say Thank you when you hand over money in a shop, Open the door for a woman., Never reach over someone's plate for something, ask for the item to be passed., Never use your fingers to push food onto your spoon or fork., It is impolite to slurp your food or eat noisily., Never take food from your neighbors plate., Never pick food out of your teeth with your fingernails., Never blow your nose on a napkin (serviette). Napkins are for dabbing your lips and only for that., Always inform Always inform your host as to your dietary needs., Never place your elbows on the table., Stir your tea in a clockwise motion, Improper British Dining Etiquette: Arrive 30 minutes late., Begin speaking before another person has stopped., Whisper to someone in front of other people., Put your feet up on the table or a chair., Wipe your plate clean with bread., Eat chicken with your hands in a restaurant., Put your elbows on the table during a meal., Speak while you are eating., Burp at the table., Lick or put your knife in your mouth., Start eating before everyone has been served unless your host says that you don't need to wait., Stir your tea in a clockwise motion,

British Etiquette Rules


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