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1) I've got a puppy. This is ... puppy. a) my b) his c) her 2) You've got a kite. This is ... kite. a) its b) their c) your 3) Tomek has got a pen. This is ... pen. a) her b) his c) its 4) Ula has got a car. This is ... car. a) your b) his c) her 5) The dog has got a ball. This is ... ball. a) its b) his c) their 6) We've got a garden. This is ... garden. a) their b) your c) our 7) You've got a book. This is ... book. a) your b) my c) your 8) They've got a cat. This is ... cat. a) our b) my c) their

Possessive adjectives


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