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1) Which member of the Bucket family accompanies Charlie to the Chocolate factory? a) His sister b) Grandpa Joe c) Grandma Georgina d) Mrs. Bucket 2) Who is the famous candy maker? a) Mr. Slughorn b) Charlie Bucket c) Willy Wonka d) Grandpa Joe 3) When Charlie gets the change from his dollar bill, what does he do? a) He puts the change in his pocket to give to his mother b) He puts half in his pocket for his mother and half in his bag for himself c) He buys another chocolate bar and puts the rest away for hi mother 4) What kind of factory does Mr. Salt, Veruca's father, own? a) Peanut factory b) Chocolate factory c) Candy factory d) Gum factory 5) What is strange about Mr. Wonka's factory when it reopens? a) No one is ever seen entering or exiting the factory b) People are scared of the chocolate c) The chocolate is better than it was before d) No one ever eats the chocolate produced there 6) How many golden tickets are there? a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ch 1-13 recap (part 3)


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