He ____ to fly to Peru. If they forget to set the alarm, they will ____ late. How often did you ____ and go visit your family? The two men ____ and drive several blocks. Zara is on the second floor, so you need to ____. My best friend goes to school on foot and I ____. If you don't want to get lost in a new city, ____ to travel safe. I have to ____ to LA. My teacher will be angry if I ____ and come late. The best way to explore a new town is to ____. I don't like big animals, so I don't ____. It is easy to ____ when exploring a new city. Turn left, ____ and you will see the school. My father can ____ Kyiv in 20 minutes. I ____ every morning to go to school. My friend's mom often ____ home after the classes.




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