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(x+1)(x+3) - x²+4x+3, (x+1)(x+5) - x²+6x+5, (x+1)(x+4) - x²+5x+4, (x+2)(x+4) - x²+6x+8, (x+5)(x+2) - x²+7x+10, (x+1)(x+10) - x²+11x+10, (x+5)(x+3) - x²+8x+15, (x+11)(x+11) - x²+22x+121, (x+9)(x+7) - x²+16x+63, (x+7)(x+7) - x²+14x+49, (x-5)(x-3) - x²-8x+15, (x-10)(x-2) - x²-12x+20, (x-7)(x-2) - x²-9x+14, (x-6)(x-5) - x²-11x+30, (x-3)(x-4) - x²-7x+12, (x-4)(x-4) - x²-8x+16,

Factorising quadratics

by Jamiley


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