1. The woman ____ the boy to pick up her purse and give it back to her.2. The boy was scared so he ____ when he answered the woman. 3. The woman was large and the boy was quite ____, so she easily ____ the boy up the street to her home. 4. The woman asked the boy if she had ____ him before he attacked her. 5. The boy wanted to escape so he started to ____, but the woman help him even tighter. 6.The fisherman ____ on the fishing line to see if a fish had taken the bait. 7.I bought my mother a new ____ for her birthday. 8.He opened the box and suddenly a mouse ____. 9.His ____ window broke in the accident. 10.She had to ____ to pick the child up. 11.The runners were dripping with ____. 1. My sister lives in a one-room apartment. She has a pretty wooden ____ that separates the kitchen area from the rest of the room.2. The woman was so tired after her long day at work that she could ____ stay awake on the bus going home. 3. When we have visitors, my mother makes sure my little brother washes his face and comb his hair so that he looks ____. 4. Suddenly no one had anything so say, so there was a long ____ in the conversation. 5. I ____ where my brother got the money to buy those new shoes. 6.1. I did not ask him why he came late since I did not want to ____ him. 7. He was very upset and he kept ____ at me. 8.The water was ____ from the faucet.




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