1) The government set up a committee to __________ the rising rate of youth crime. a) look into b) look up c) carry out d) frown upon 2) The teacher _________ bribing her students with sweets to encourage them to read more books. a) accounted for b) followed through c) put off d) resorted to 3) It's easy to make promises, but it's not quite as easy to ___________ them. a) cut back on b) do without c) follow through on d) carry out 4) The topics of politics and religion are ___________ when making light conversation. a) frowned upon b) looked into c) carried out d) resorted to 5) After procrastinating for so long, Dave couldn't _______ his homework any longer. a) put off b) cut down c) rule out d) follow through 6) The president did not __________ military action as a last resort. a) frown upon b) do without c) cut back on d) rule out 7) Anyone who invests in the stock market needs to __________ some level of risk. a) do without b) follow through c) carry out d) account for 8) Marie finally decided to _________ her plan to start her own business. a) do without b) follow through c) carry out d) account for 9) The company decided to __________ advertising expenses in order to save money. a) cut back on b) resort to c) put off d) carry out




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