1) Police closed the road after the accident. = The road ..... a) was close immediately. b) was closed immediately c) closed immediately. 2) Somebody has stolen my handbag. = My handbag ... a) was stolen. b) has stolen. c) has been stolen. 3) The painters are painting my house. = My house a) is being painted. b)  is painted.  c) is being painting. 4) They will hold a meeting tomorrow. = The meeting a) will be held tomorrow. b) will be hold tomorrow. c) will hold tomorrow. 5) The inspector fined them for travelling without a ticket. They... a) were found for travelling... b) were fine for travelling c) were fined for travelling.... 6) Miranda thinks someone was following her last night. = Miranda thinks she... a) was followed last night. b) was being followed last night. c) was following by someone. 7) The police can arrest you for drink driving.= You ... a) can be arrested for drink driving. b) can being arrested for drink driving. c) can be arrest for drink driving. 8) They had sold the house five years earlier. = The house... a) has been sold 5 years ago. b) was sold 5 years ago. c) had been sold 5 years ago.




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